Best five android browsers

Now a days 65% people know about Google android. And know about Google android market. Android market this place where everyone can buy android apps, games, browsers, themes and lots of thing. Today I tell everyone about my looking world bests five android browsers.

Dolphin Browser HD1. Dolphin Browser HD: Dolphin browser is the best browser in android.   Read the rest of this entry »

The Mountain and The City

I can’t imagine living in a house, one of those real houses with Shingles and a Garage. Too many Windows and Doors, too much to go wrong. Edges and corners put weakness in the creases, make the Silvery Tape fail. That means constant work and upkeep. I wouldn’t have any minutes to myself to listen to my Records. I bet I wouldn’t last a month like that, all that Silvery Tape and no Records to keep me right.

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life of Bill Gates

Microsoft is the common name for computer industries. Those who do not know anything about computers they are also familiar with this. Because it is an widely used Operating System over the world. And everyone knows the owner of this Operating System and Microsoft.

Microsoft is renown as the world’s largest computer company which is based all over the world, the company’s owner, who is undoubtedly the most popular person in the world and he will be remembered always.

Therefore, Microsoft is an unique example of a successful company owner, Bill Gates.I am writing this to know that what a legend Bill Gates is.Everyone knows many things about Microsoft.But do anyone know the person deeply who created this enormous creation??

Today i am going to tell everyone about Bill Gates and his life.

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Story the person of a young freelancer

Listen to the person of a young successful IT, you will find inspiration
India Education System in India ‘title in the 003 in a seminar. The seminar started with a car to go to Bangalore later in the Institute of Science daramya gate. Security gardara thought might have come from outside the CEO of an organization. The sooner you saw 17 years of age, a son of beriye out from inside the car.

The seminar room is prevented from entering it. That is, to take part in the seminar will be the CEO of an organization. The seminar is for any college student. Birambanaya the boy gives seminars phone entrepreneurs. Welcome to the world they are keeping. And while security gardara stick!

Suhasa gopinatha boy name. Bangalore ??????????????????? the global CEO and president at the same time. Suhasa as the chief executive of any organization’s most important is a name of age.

Who is this suhasa? The head of an organization’s capability at an early age how to achieve it! The question is can bhetarai. In an interview he did for the story. It is a story akarei online from various blogs. The stories that inspired the translation of our readers are sbapnayatrara.

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App Development

Now a day every one know about mobile phone apps. Today I give you a site which give you free apps and make your apps also. Its site is App Development site. They can make an iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablets, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Mac its many types of mobile company apps. I think this site can make everyone satisfied. for more info go there…

How to get your very first job as a freelancer? Part-II

A lot of newbies’ asked me that they complete their profile 100%. But not getting any job. They become so frustrated.
So I want to give some helpful tips for freelancer who are not getting job.
Day by day competitions are increasing rapidly in freelance market place. So it is hard for newbie to get a job. But following tips will be helpful to get job in marketplace.
1. Have patience and what you need to have is constant moving apply for jobs if you are fit for the job. Don’t get frustrated if you see no response from any of your applied jobs, you need to have your moral high and constant moving. (In freelancing this is must thing that a newbie must have.)
2. Try to reduce your hourly rate (as you are newbie) as you should give a reason to your employer to hire you and in case of newbie this is possible having your rate a bit low. Try to make a good relation first.
In addition, bidding with a lower rate does not always help.
3. Hide the scores that are below average and retake them and try to improve them. Try to pass couple of more tests with good average.
4. Try to write custom cover letter to every job you apply. This is most important thing which 80% contractors do not care for. Write in cover letter exactly that what your employer wants to see in.DO NOT copy and paste one sample cover letter to every job.
5. Don’t ever show you are needy of money and you need a job, never beg for the job. Always try to give your expertise that what you can do actually for your employer. Show your employer your skills, your experiences and most important what you can do for him/her.
I hope these 5 points will help you out.

How to get your very first job as a freelancer?

I got my first job in May 2009. Getting a new job in freelance marketplace was not easy for me. After sign up on February 2009 I’ve to wait four months to get the first job. During my first four months I was so disappointed of not getting any interviews for the numerous jobs that I applied for. It was very discouraging and thought of quitting at oDesk. I decided not to quit but did a lot of things that brought me to where I am now and these are the thing that I want to share with my fellow newbies to with:
1.  Change the title of your profile:
 I started my profile with the title Personal Assistant/Market Researcher/Technical Writer obviously it didn’t work for me since as mentioned I didn’t get a single interview for almost a month that I have been applying. I changed the title to Topnotch Researcher/Fast and Detail-oriented/Trustworthy. Why did I choose this title – if you may have noticed adjectives such as fast, detail-oriented, trustworthy/dependable are the most frequently mentioned qualities that any employers are looking for. If you were the employer would you not prefer a contractor with such qualities? Read the rest of this entry »

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